Why should you trust Fleur?

 Fleur is designed to bring more control into your personal health and people around you. We have assembled our own hardware for collecting daily data, and do nothing but sending it to your mobile phone.

 After that the data is processed by our own dedicated HIPAA-compliant private cloud. As a result, you become an ultimate owner of processed insights & alerts, and you control what to do with this data and if you want to share it with anyone.

Fast Q&A
Ok, so what can you predict?

Fleur focuses on age related disorders. We collecting different set of variables from your oral cavity each day. That is decoded into a short list of human-friendly names, such as progesterone level, estrogen level, testosterone level, etc.

With that, we do scoring on top of diseases in the World that change the comfort of Human Life and, more often than not, are critical for Human Life over 50 years old.

Is that the next Theranos?
You should not be afraid about that. We will not stay far away off our clients and investors. We will share our achievements in the most user-friendly format - so you will have a chance to be up-to-date through our weekly updates.
Is that the next Theranos from scientific side?
We dot do scientific break-through in medicine. Saliva analysis is a popular topic, which is widely used in many laboratories for different analysis. Instead, we aimed to develop reagent free device, and tune up its outcome as hard as our Artificial Intelligence can do.
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